Aug 06

‘To Catch A Predator’ Chris Hansen Gets Fired By NBC

I used to spend hours watching “To Catch a Predator” with Chris Hansen on NBC. But it looks like Chris Hansen is not going to be linked with the network anymore.
RadarOnline reports, that the famous newsman’s contract was not renewed by NBC as the network decided to let him go. In other words, Chris Hansen was fired.
But here’s the juice: apparently, he had an affair with WPTV reporter, Kristyn Caddell.
The two were creeping behind Chris Hansen’s wife’s back for almost four months until Chris decided to kick his mistress to the curb. And that’s when she started talking, revealing that she was mislead by Hansen into thinking that he would leave his wife for her and all the usual.
While their romance didn’t bloom as Kristyn expected, NBC was not having it. They decided that Chris Hansen’s personal life was becoming too embarrassing for him to continue working for NBC.

“His personal life was becoming an embarrassing distraction to NBC. As a journalist, when your personal life begins making the news, there are big problems,” a source told RadarOnline.“NBC thought Chris exercised very, very bad judgment by getting romantically involved with a local NBC affiliate reporter from Florida. It could have left the network open to big legal problems. The relationship with the stripper was just tacky. Chris was becoming a punch line on the late night shows. It was time for NBC to cut ties with Chris.”

NBC, however, released an official statement about their decision to let Chris Hansen go and they didn’t mention anything about his personal life being a reason for it…of course.

“Chris has been a valued member of the team and we thank him for his many contributions to Dateline and NBC News over the last 20 years,” NBC said in a statement. “We wish him the very best.”

Chris Hansen didn’t seem to be bothered much and revealed that he would be focusing on executive producing of different projects instead. As for his former mistress, she is still complaining that she was blackballed from the news industry due to this unfortunate romance.

Here’s the picture of the two lovebirds when things were so good…

[Photo Credit: Mediabistro & RadarOnline]