Aug 09

Oprah Encounters A Racist Shop Clerk Who Wouldn’t Sell Her A Handbag

oprah-zurichOprah was in Zurich, Switzerland last month to celebrate Tina Turner’s wedding.
While enjoying her time in the city, she decided to shop at the Trois Pomme boutique on Bahnhofstrasse, which is the third most expensive street in the world. In the store, Oprah saw a handbag worth $40,000, which she wanted to get, but surprisingly the shop clerk, who obviously didn’t know who Oprah was, refused to show her the handbag.

“I was in Zurich for Tina Turner’s wedding,” tells Oprah in her interview with ET. “And I go into a store and I say to the woman, ‘Excuse me, may I see that bag above your head?’ And she says to me, ‘No, it’s too expensive.’ And I say, ‘No, no, no. You see the black one. That’s folded over.’ And she said, ‘No, no, no. You don’t want to see that one. You want to see this one, because that one will cost too much money and you will not be able to afford that.’
She refused to get it and she started to show me these other little bags and I tried one more time. And she said, ‘I don’t want to hurt your feelings.’ And I said, ‘Thank you so much, you’re probably right, I can’t afford it,’ and I walked out of the store. I could’ve had the whole blow-up thing and thrown down the black card, but why do that? ..But that clearly is, you know. [Racism] still exists. Of course it does.”

Ever since the incident, Swiss officials were more than apologetic, saying that it was terrible and they regret that something like that had happened.
Interestingly enough, the owner of the shop, Truedie Goetz decided to do the damage control by blaming everything on misunderstanding, saying:

“My salesperson wanted to give her the handbag in her hand. But she didn’t want to take the bag. I didn’t take care of [Winfrey]. I’m sure she felt like this – but my salesgirl promised me she took care of [her] really the best she could. So it must have been a misunderstanding..
She tried to show Mrs Oprah the same style in other qualities, because maybe she didn’t understand what she wanted.”

Goetz also added that the shop clerk was Italian and didn’t understand English that well.
I wish Oprah would just throw down that black card thought and I would love to see the face of a shop clerk at that moment.

[Source: Gawker]