Aug 08

BWATT Mag Cover: Cassie Talks Inspiration, New Project & Dreams

Cassie graces the cover of BWATT magazine’s latest issue. Inside the mag, Cassie dishes on her upcoming projects, who and what inspires her as well as her biggest dream.
Read the highlights below and check BWATT to see the full spread.

On what she’s been up to lately:
“Right now I’m actually working on a Mixtape along with my album. The Mixtape will be released before the end of the summer and it’s really for my fans. I’ve spent years working on my album and the sound is finally where I want it to be and will be done very soon. I Feel great! I’m happy and proud of how far I’ve come creatively.

3 words to describe a)The album, b)Cassie the artist, c)Cassie in private:
“A)Super,Fresh,Surprising B)Silly, Eclectic, Sassy C) Shy, Loving, Observant”

On what shaped her to become an artist she is today:
“I think every moment good and/or bad has shaped me. A terrible performance, an amazing one. Losing friends in my life, making new ones. I change every day and I’ve learned to take the good with the bad and make positive out of every experience. If I cared at all what people thought of me, I would just want them to say that I’m resilient.”

On what inspires her:
“Other creative people inspire me. Creative people fuel the world. When you see someone really believe in what they do, you feed off of them.”

On her grandest dream:
“To have children. I can’t wait to be a mom.”

A message to fans:
“I love my fans. They inspire me. They brought me back to life when I doubted myself. They get the utmost respect from me. Thank you guys! Love you!”