Jul 24

[VIDEO] Janet Jackson Tries To Take Paris’ Cell Phone + TJ Seeking Temporary Custody Over MJ’s Kids

Things just got crazier with more insane twists. (Read The Story HERE) Now I’m really at awe. So the video of the fight at Katherine Jackson’s house earlier this morning surfaced. And in the video you can clearly see that Janet, Jermaine and Randy Jackson were tailgating the security car where MJ’s kids were riding.
Shortly after they arrived, the fight broke out, where Janet was trying to snatch cell phone from Paris Jackson, which led to an altercation between her and Trent Jackson (nephew of Joe Jackson).
There are new twists also, according to RadarOnline, Jermaine and Randy approached MJ’s estate to pay their child support fees. The two were scared that they might be facing jail as they were back in their child support payments and didn’t have enough money to pay.

“Both Randy and Jermaine were behind on their child support payments – the only way they felt they could pay it was through Michael’s estate,” sources say. “Jermaine’s kids Jaafar and Jermajesty and Randy’s sons Donte and Randy Jr. were moved into a condo in San Fernando Valley owned by the estate to help with the legal fees a few years back. But, despite that, Randy and Jermaine felt they needed extra help and they pleaded with the estate’s lawyer for help. They were concerned that they could face jail time or even more charges in fines for falling behind on child support. However, their request was shot down immediately as the estate has no legal obligations to Michael’s siblings.”

After they were denied of their request, Jermaine, Randy and also Janet and Tito signed the letter asking for current executors of Michael’s estate to be fired. However, Tito Jackson is sorry now that he signed the letter and claims that it was a mistake from his side.

“Tito, is now having serious regrets about signing a letter with his siblings asking the executors of Michael’s estate to resign,” claim the insiders. “Tito now sees that his siblings are only after money and he wants no part of it.”

Moreover, Tito’s son, TJ is seeking for a temporary custody over the kids to keep them safe.

“Michael’s kids all want TJ to become their temporary guardian. They trust and love him. Of course, they want Katherine to come home, but they don’t have any control of that at this point and just want the drama to stop. Katherine has now been out of the picture for over a week and legal options are now being pursued in order to ensure that the children are safe. Michael’s children will remain together, that is absolutely certain. The estate just wants to ensure that the children are safe, and away from all of this Jackson family insanity.”

WOW…no wonder Michael was staying away from everyone and keeping to himself. People are so greasy. It’s insane!!

Watch the video below.. at 1:50 Janet tries to take the phone from Paris