Jun 15

Rolling Out Mag Cover: Tank On What Makes Women More Sexy And Questions Men Ask On First Dates

Tank graces the cover of Rolling Out Magazine’s latest issue. Inside the spread, the singer, besides talking about music and his life, shares some secrets with women and men. Tank gives five advises for women to follow to be more appealing and few questions that he believes every man should be asking his lady on their first date.
Read the excerpts below.

Questions fellas should ask on first date:
“When you’re entertaining a woman for the first time, the most important part about that time is that you’re paying attention to her. It’s all about her. Where she’s been, where she is in life, where she’d like to go and if she needs any help with getting there. Talk about her educational process, what is what like for her growing up, siblings and her worst fear. All of these things will get a woman to feel comfortable with expressing herself. If a woman feels like she can express herself and talk to a man, she lets her guard down and she becomes more comfortable, and that’s when you can have a real interaction. At that point, you’re no longer talking to the representative, but you’re actually talking to the heart, soul and mind of that individual. Make love to her mind first and then we can get to the other places.”

What are five things that make every woman sexy?:
“Confidence: It’s going to be in your walk, in your posture, how you hold out your hand to introduce yourself, how you hold your head high like a queen.
Take care of yourself: Having your feet and hands all nice and done up — and your hair. I don’t care if it’s your hair, I don’t care if it’s the horse’s hair, but as long as the hair is done and it’s taken care of, that’s sexy.
Your outfit: If your outfit is going to fit, let it fit. Show them what you got. And if it’s not going to fit, then let it flow and let it vibe.
Have some goals: Have some ambitions. Don’t let being pretty be your be-all [and] end-all. Actually, have some type of education or idea of what you want to accomplish.
Have a love for kids: I love a woman that loves kids. That’s sexy to me. I love a woman that’s nurturing, that’s ready to take care of and comfort [a child].”

Do you agree with his advises?
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