Sep 27

New Music: Nick Cannon Raps Over Progressive House Song “I Remember” Produced By Deadmau5

I completely forgot that there was a point in Nick Cannons life when he attempted to be a rapper. In between his busy schedule, Nick found the time to write some rhymes and deliver us a track that is originally produced by Deadmau5 and DJ Kaskade. Interesting, how not even one blog mentioned that the so-called “new song”  is not even Nick Cannon’s production in the first place. He just raps over the song for a minute or so. And if you really want to hear the highs and lows of Nick Cannon’s life including the beef with Eminem listen below….But I would recommend to listen to the original track and give credit where credit is due.

Nick Cannon – “I Remember”

Deadmau5 and Kaskade – “I Remember” (Caspa remix)

  • Wow

    All I have to say is WOW. Nick Cannon cannot even come up with his own original name for the song??? Thanks for ruining our good music you fucking joke of a musician.

  • Casey

    If you are going to post a rant about giving credit at least mention the name of the remixer. Also, Nick Cannon is a joke.

  • kyle

    Nick Cannon, Thank you for bringing this track to my attention today, got quite a good laugh out of it. You are literally the most god awful rapper, absolutely no flow, no creativity, awful rhyming, and no voice inflection the list could go on but i’ve only got so much space to write. I could honestly make a better version by pulling this track (it’s the Caspa remix by the way…) into garage band and record shitting sounds, it’d be more creative at least. I hope to god it’s just a joke or something but that faggot ass picture of you with dre beats on is leading me to believe its not.. knowing you are a somewhat humorous fellow I’m really hoping this is just a sick prank or something, if not, fuck our lives, and may god have mercy on your soul.

    • UntitledFlow

      Thanks for the heads up about the remixer

      • Casey

        You’re welcome

  • Nope

    This is disgusting.. I could only listen to about 15 seconds worth and had the strong urge to vomit the whole time.

  • Kyle

    You’re Welcome..

  • http://saintandre.ws Dan

    Everyone’s hating on Nick Cannon for this but no one seems to care that Kanye and Jay-Z totally stole http://youtu.be/ePwM4WzborQ – Who Gon Stop Me from Flux Pavilion’s http://youtu.be/3Q9rewnLFYw – I Can’t Stop.

    I guess the new cool thing for rappers to is steal dubstep and call it their own.