Aug 03

Guess Who’s Going To Play Raekwon’s Dad In The Upcoming Biopic?

Yes, one and only, Lady Killer, The Soul Machine – Cee Lo Green. A multifaceted artist confirmed in the tweets last night that he’s going to play Raekwon’s dad in the upcoming biopic, tentatively-titled C.R.E.A.M.

In the meantime Raekwon mentioned the script for the film was finished and the cast was almost 60% completed. On why he chose Cee Lo for the role of his dad, Wu-Tang Clan member says,“[He's] a good friend of mine. When I called him and told him about it he was just overwhelmed. He’s just one out of the greats that’s gonna be on the project.” No details on when the films is planned to be released and other cast choices.
[source/photo: XXL.com]